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Written by Jo   
Friday, 07 December 2007

Many people believe that size acceptance is all about accepting fat people for the size they are.  Big People UK initially supports this view, but also feels that it is a far wider issue then just fat.

People come in all shapes and sizes.  It seems that today’s media hype will pick on a person for what size they are no matter what size they are.  Examples of this can be seen when looking at celebrities and if one of them puts a few pounds on or losses a few pounds the media will usually use this in a negative manner.  For fat people the media will use any excuse to discriminate against them.

Some people believe that size acceptance is about not wanting to make changes in their lives.  I have been quoted in the media that I say being fat is good.  This is not true.  What I say is that people have the right to live their lives the way they see fit.  However, there are some people whose lives are so sad due to the constant negativity they encounter in their lives on a day to day basis.  Life for some of them has become so bad that they have little to no confidence in themselves as they are being given the message that to be fat is to equate to being = Ugly, Stupid, Asexual, Undeserving, Dirty, etc etc. 

Big People UK promotes size acceptance in the form of 'No matter what size you are, you have the right to be happy and to be able to lead a fulfilling life".  Acknowledging yourself the way you are and taking steps to love yourself and take care of yourself.    This applies to both fat and thin people; after all we are all humans and have basic human rights.

When a person feels confident in they way they are they may want to make some changes, or they may just want to stay the way they are, it is their choice.  Big People UK believes that what ever a person wants to do they need to have good information to support their choices. 

Size acceptance is not about giving up.  It is about learning and growing how to have a happier life.  It is not based on what society tells you how you should look.  It is not about dieting, but about healthy eating and getting the correct information.  It is not about saying it is ok to fat or it is bad to be fat, it is about saying it is ok to be YOU.

Some steps towards self acceptance and the road to having a fulfilling life

·         Accept the way you are NOW

·         Get good healthy eating habits

·         Take regular exercise, walking is a good one

·         Work towards better fitness

·         Do not expect weight loss but health gain

·         Most importantly, ignore the negative stuff and concentrate on the positives. 

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