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Thursday, 20 September 2007

We are human, we have feelings, we live and we die like everyone else..... but we are treated differently to others within our societies. As young people we are made to feel bad about ourselves, our body image is looked upon as bad and unacceptable so therefore we have to do something about it. Many of us have tried dieting and failed. It is that failure that makes us feel less of a person and unable to be part of society and society reinforces this.

Within our childhood we were bullied because we were big... this continues into our adulthood where we get laughed at by society. We are used as the central part of a joke.... but then a lot of societies minorities have this problem too. Oppression with in our culture spans a wide range of minorities included in this are ourselves and for example black people. The term used for this oppression is 'looksism' and is referred to appearance based prejudice.

"Looksism supports a culture of beauty which implies that beauty is a desirable goal because it reflects goodness, success, modernity and fashion. Women are identified with beauty and admired for it, femininity and value lie congruent with it" (Charlotte Cooper)

Patriarchy supports beauty and sets the values by investing interests in the beauty industry (have you ever seen a big girl modeling in a make-up advert?).

We come across fat phobia everyday of our lives. It impacts on us negatively and painfully. We share experiences of oppression and prejudice in many situations. Within our own homes we build an environment which makes us feel acceptable and conformable. Outside we have to live within societies values and surroundings. Examples of this are chairs which are too narrow, shops and pubs where fixtures and tables are clamped together, toilet cubicles and seating that is immovable. Other places are inaccessible for other reasons, this could be for fat phobia attitudes, like the 'Operations Manager' at London's Stringfellows nightclub, who comments:

" The majority of fat people have great difficulty in dressing appropriately. They don't take as much care with their appearance as slim people. Invariably that means that fat sloppy people are refused access to the club"

Examples of fat phobia and looksism can go on and on. At the end of the day we as big girls are oppressed by our own society and are made to feel devalued and unattractive... or do we?

There are some of out there who feel good about ourselves and have a positive attitude of our body image. Research has been carried out looking at what 'type' of woman a man prefers and believe it or not it is the bigger girl that came out on top. However, the downside of this is that not all men have partners that they would really like to have because of societies attitudes so they chose the thin girl... their loss!!!

At the end of the day we are here... we exist... we are alive... and we will be accepted !!!!!!!!!


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