The Sun Reports That Fat People Are Causing Global Warming
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Wednesday, 22 April 2009
The Sun's headline on 20/04/2009 stated that fat people are to blame to global warming.  This is not the first time this claim has been made, click here to look at an old report from May 2007 on the Reuters site.  Again a case of scapegoating and picking on the fatties.  What next, let's blame the vegetarians for globle warming as they produce lots of methane gas from bean eating.  It is totally ridiculous.  
The myth that all fat people over eat and there for are to blame for increased CO2 gas emissions is utter tripe.  I think they sould be looking more towards the supermarket giants who constantly sell out of season food which have been shipped over from abroad.  Oh and not to mention all the packaging they use.  I wait for a report that says that it is fat people's fault that the supermarkets giants import all the out of seasons foods so they can eat it.  Click here to add your comments .
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