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Written by Jo   
Tuesday, 09 October 2007
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Slam Poem  
Being Me  The BBW
 So I'm Fat!  Friends to The EndLet that Big beautiful Butt Shine

  Slam Poem

A ride denied because of the BMI of my thighs? So you're gonna look me in the eyes, criticize and say, "Sorry, it's just your size". Well listen, if your brain is a media projection of all things wrong with society then there's something wrong with you, not me. I don't deny myself the right to love whom I choose, I choose not to lose out on the friendships and love that could make my life above and beyond those lollypop girls, doing twirls on Louis Vuitton heels. I'm glad I know, that they're just not real. 

I'm glad I'm me, and I know you don't understand the person that you see when you look at my thighs, tits and smile ...you see sadness and greed, I see beauty no matter how much I eat.

I'm alright really. I give myself a hard time but what to do you expect when the TV, magazines and online defines whether or not you've a right to feel good? Feel sexy, feel fine? Isn't it about time, we leave this all behind?  Don't let it define us, or consume thoughts and time? 

Girls in school bathrooms are itching to talk, to deny and to stalk those girls that society wont leave be. And you wonder why you see all those fatties walking down the street with their hands in their sleeves, their eyes glued to the ground, ready for the attack, those caterwaul sounds from immature twats and people who don't realise, that person you chastise could light up your life, given the time. But you don't give them chance, you don't give them a go, and if you don't do that then how can you know?


©Melanie H 2010
Being me

They say I should not be proud to be me,

But when they look that’s not what they see,

They don’t see past the fat,

They don’t see this cool and crazy cat,

I should try to lose weight,

They think that would be great,

They just can’t seem to see,

That with myself I’m hap-py,

Maybe I should change the way I live,

But who’s opinion did I ask to give,

I am happy where is the harm,

Leave me in my life perfectly calm,

There are things in life we all fix in our head,

Mine is those who answer a question I never said!

©Barry Jenkins 2004

What a strange term that is,

BBW; what could it mean,

Some people don’t know,

They may think it obscene,

What are these abbreviations?

Some kind of magic,

Or heavens creations?

I think I know what they are,

And I would like to pass it on,

So here’s just a thought,

To say before your gone,

These people are big,

Beautiful too,

If your with one,

How I do envy you,

Just to feel one in your arms,

Is to know heaven above,

And to be with one,

Is to know true love,

They are smart; they are sexy,

But yet so demure,

To be smitten with them,

Is no disease no cure,

So if you want a real woman,

You know what to do,

Forget the waifs,

And get a BBW.

©Barry Jenkins 2004
So I’m fat!

When you look at me, What do you see?
A monster...Is that what you think of me?
But your words do hurt,
And if you cut me i do bleed,

Hate the laughter, the echos, the tears that fall,
But hate the sorrow filled glances most of all,

I'm no diffrent to you,
Look closer you will see,
A girl whos clever and funny
Who jokes and smiles a lot,
Who's content with what shes got,
Not an outcast, Not a freak,

But you just carnt see...
well anyway i'm quite happy just being me.
I know that face your making I see it all the time

The one that says ‘shit look at you, how’d you get to be that size?’

Look again take, your blinkers off

You may see something that you like

Do you see me now the real me now the one who lives inside?

Look deeper, try to see behind this flesh façade

Its difficult I know it is

The others tried and failed

I see it now a real smile now

You’re genuine and true

It’s a smile that lights your whole face up

It looks really good on you

See we’re laughing now and joking now

You’re not scared of me anymore

I’m relaxed and you’re relaxed

A good time had by all

The shallow people never know the truth I hide inside

Its hidden deep in all of us

It’s there for us to find

All you need is to believe there’s something more than size

Cause the only thing I care about

Is the real you not the shell

And now you’ve looked inside of me

You know the truth aswell

 Friends to The End

Big-girls-uk.is the place to be
They are wonderful to me
You Are All Made welcome in there
And though Bad Time they Prove They care
They Treat you as one of their own
Even those who are not known
They there in ur moment of grief
To Help through the pain and give relief
You All in my heart and good friends
These friendships will never end

Copyrighted kevin 2006

Let that Big beautiful Butt shine

So would I like to be with a sickly thin model or my big beautiful princess?

I don’t even have to think her curvaceous beauty makes me weak at the knees

Her skin as pure as snow without needing hours of photo shop aid

Hey I am the first to admit I think pole dancing is erotic but I would rather the lady is not so small and flat that the pole looks like her twin

So let me see a big curvaceous butt wiggle and shake as she slips around the pole

I am not trying to be crude I just want to show that big can be beautiful plump can be sexy

So put down the magazines that say you’re a failure if you over a size 6

The media  encourages people to diet till they get ill to skip there meals stick fingers down there throat they’ll be sickly white but accepted at least until they croak

That’s not life that’s self inflicted torture be who you are and not what they say and let love come onto you

Look inside at the beauty within you and project it in what you say and the things that you do

Then the beauty of your luscious plump body will start to shine through


© Shaun


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