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Big People UK
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Big People UK is the leading site for size acceptance in the UK.  In 1997 I originally set up a site called Big Girls UK, this site grew from the feedback I had from various people requesting a site to include men as well.  So from BBW in the UK it now includes BHM and FA's in the UK.

UK Big People is a site dedicated to those people who consider themselves big and for those who do not have a problem with big people. The main aim of the site is to support and give Big People of the UK a voice. It is also a site which will challenge peoples beliefs and demystify Big People. It is not a site for people who think being big is freakish or odd it is a site to show that Big People do exist and want to be counted and valued as members of the society they live in.

The site has many diversities to look at and for you the viewer to participate in. Please feel free to add to the site or if you wish send me an e-mail with your comments.

At present Big People in the UK have a very small voice which is often not heard or usually ignored. UK Big People wishes to give Big People a voice. This is your site dedicated to you... use it and fill it with you thoughts and feelings and any ideas you want to add.

After you have looked at the site please feel free to use our contact form with your comments, I do appreciate all your feedback.

Thank you for visiting Big People UK. To make this site work and represent you and your thoughts, feedback is vital and most welcomed. Click here to send us your feedback.


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